Semen Collection and Storage Information

ICSB-NE will collect, freeze, and store your canine's semen at our facility, housed at the Central Avenue Veterinary Hospital.    Discounts are available for multiple dogs with frozen semen: 

3   Canines Stored: 5%

4   Canines Stored: 10%

5+ Canines Stored: 15%

Please contact us for pricing. 

Before you contact us to make an appointment, please review the items that you should be aware of, and that you should bring with you: 

  • We collect and freeze canine semen Monday through Friday, by appointment only. Contact ICSB-NE by phone -  508-761-8525 - to make an appointment.
  • Because of the way semen is processed in pellet form for storage, dry ice is needed. We may ask that  you  bring dry ice with you to your appointment.  You must order the ice in advance of your appointment, by calling: Attleboro Ice & Oil 508-222-0154 / 64 Pleasant Street, Attleboro, MA 02703; they are located less than 10 minutes from ICSB-NE.
  • Before we can collect and freeze semen from a canine, we will do an examination of the canine; please let us know of any existing or suspected medical conditions at that time. If you client is not a regular patient at Central Avenue Veterinary Hospital, you must bring in the dog's vaccine history with you, especially the canine's Rabies Certification. 
  • If your canine is AKC registered, or registered with any breeding club or society, please bring the registry documentation with you, for inclusion into the canine's semen file.

Collect to Freeze and Store Forms:

Please complete the following forms before your appointment; this is the "Collection Package" which becomes your canine's file with ICSB-NE.  If you cannot download these forms, please contact our office to have copies faxed, mailed, or emailed. 

1. Notification of Canine Semen Collection, Freeze, and Storage

2. Semen Release Form

3. Owner's Authorization for Collection and Storage


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