For Semen Owners & Breeders

This page is for semen owners and bitch owners who are interested in using ICSB-NE services to receive semen for artificial insemination. To ensure that you are able to access and receive stored semen for use, please review this page for information on how to release, and ship semen.

Semen Owners:

  • In order for anyone to use your stored semen - even yourself - you will need to sign a Semen Release Form. This is how we keep track of the number of vials you have in storage as ICSB-NE.  The form also provides ICSB-NE and you with a hard copy record of where and how the semen was shipped, as well as billing information. 
  • This form MUST be completed each time semen is required for breeding, shipment, or re-storage use.
  • Bitch owners must complete their portion of the Release.  When the form is completed, it should be faxed to ICSB-NE at 508-761-7256 or sent as a .pdf to [email protected]
  • Bitch owners typically pay all the costs associated with preparing and shipping semen; please contact ICSB-NE for pricing and refundable deposit information.

Bitch Owners:

  • ICSB-NE is only able to ship semen to you for use, once we have the complete Semen Release Form.  The Semen owner will fill out their portion, and you will fill out your portion; please take care to ensure that credit card information is correct, and that the "date needed" section is completed.
  • We prefer 48-hours notice to ship semen; this is to ensure that we have time to prepare the semen, and have a charged tank available.
  • Shipping internationally requires extra file preparation time. It is the responsibility of the semen owner to determine what forms and information are required in order to ship. ICSB-NE prefers as much notification as possible when shipping internationally, since the required information for about the semen and associated forms vary from country to country.


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