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The International Canine Semen Bank of-Northeast is an affiliate of ICSB-Oregon. 

The center was established in 1996, and is currently under the direction of Dr William C. Truesdale.  ICSB-Oregon was founded by Dr. Carrol C. Platz, Jr. ICSB's program is based on techniques developed by Professor Platz.  Through Professor Platz's 38 years of research we have been able to produced hundreds of puppies using frozen canine semen.  ICSB were first in producing litters from frozen semen and registered by AKC, The American Field and the National Greyhound Association. 

With the utilization of fresh, fresh chilled and frozen canine semen, we provide the dog breeder with the most successful program available- using  techniques of Artificial Insemination, non-surgical(Transcervical) insemination, and surgical implantation procedures.

The ICSB-NE center provides the breeder with multiple services  to include:

Collection, Freezing, and Storage of canine semen

  • Collection and insemination of Fresh semen
  • Insemination of fresh,  fresh chilled, or frozen semen, using Transervical Insemination--or Surgical insemination. - with a variety of extenders.
  • Collect and prepare Fresh semen for shipment (puppy pack)  
  • Fertility consultation and techniques for improvement of sperm production. 
  • Genetic counseling in breeding programs.
  • Techniques and medias for improving sperm motility
  • Diagnosis and treatment of problematic fertility issues.
  • Mobile and Show Service Laboratory facilities for canine semen- freezing, evaluation and consultation is also available.

Shipments of Frozen Semen

  • ICSB-NE ships frozen canine semen domestically, and internationally to countries that include Canada, Japan, South America, Italy, Ireland, England, Australia, Germany, Sweden, South Africa, and many others.


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